Just a little bit of mumbling.

23 Jun

Monday is almost ending and I thought about writing/blogging.  Nothing specific, just mumblings.  No reason, I just feel like it today.

What’s weird today is that I have been craving for a plate of pancit. I sit here infront of the computer doing my work and all I could think of is pancit.  I never crave for pancit, of all dishes, really.  Like everyone else I enjoy a serving [or more] of this Filipino favorite, but today I am craving for it.  I have the fixings at home and I may as well cook it tomorrow.  I wonder what other food cravings I had in the past.  Of course, without a doubt anything chocolate is the main cravings when one is premenstrual and I too succumbed to it.  But after the stage has elapsed, I don’t have any more cravings.  Until today.  Gosh, I really want some pancit right now!!!


I wonder if outside is still smoky.  The grassfires (three of them I believe are currently going on in the Bay) are not anywhere near where I live or work, but the minute I went outside both at home and work I could smell the smoke.  Unfortunately, it’s not the smell of bbq smoke. 

Last week, Thursday-Saturday, we again experienced some sort of a mini heatwave.  We had a hundred degree temps, Friday night was a difficult night to find sleep.  By Saturday, the temp went down to the 90s, still the stores were filled with people checking out/purchasing portable AC units.  We almost bought one.  Thankfully on Sunday, our marine layer (fog) started to return and by nighttime, it was cold, okay cooler, much much cooler.  On Sat. we had a high in the 90s, and on Sun. we were in the 70s.  That’s 20-degree drop right there.  Can I say hello colds and cough now? And today despite the smoky day, it is cold.  I see people at work wearing warmer clothing.  I am wearing a long sleeve cotton shirt right now and sipping hot coffee.  I feel cold. 


The Philippines got battered by the seasonal rain/storm that visits the country this time of the year.  Unfortunately, there was so much destruction and flooding, not to mention all the lives lost.  Our prayers are with you. 


On Thursday, hubby and I took a day off.  I had a doctor’s appointment and since he needed to take a day off [his vacation cap is full] he decided to tag along to my appointment.  Since I needed to be resting most of the day, we didn’t plan for a short road trip, we normally do under better circumstances.  So after a restful nap, we woke up and decided to see a movie.  It was before 6 pm on a weekday, ergo, movies are still on matinee pricing [$7].  It was the best time to go.  After reading out what’s playing on our neighborhood multiplex, hubby chose IRON MAN, which I was surprised to find is still running after all these weeks.  We never watched it before, when it first came out becasue I did not like Robert Downey Jr.  Sorry, but I am  actor-centric when choosing a movie.  The movie has to feature an actor I like before I go and see it, with some exemptions, like if the movie is epic and huge that it takes away from the whole experience if I see it in my “32-inch big screen” in my living room.  You know what I mean. 

Anyway, we went and to my shock, really, I enjoyed myself.  And like us, there were still people coming to see it. Well, enough said. 




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3 responses to “Just a little bit of mumbling.

  1. bw

    June 26, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    On being actor-centric, I also tend to gauge the movie quality with the actors in them, not so much with their abilities but thinking that because of their big names, the movie would likely have quality 🙂

    Recently I was a little disappointed because two DVD’s I watched lately – The Hunting Party
    ( Richard Gere ) and Eastern Promises ( Viggo Mortensen) had very crappy endings which robbed the movie of its merits 😦

  2. ewok1993

    June 27, 2008 at 12:08 am

    i am actor-centric when i have to dole out hard-earned cash, but i can watch anything and everything on netflix.

    i did see eastern promises, not promising enough, i thought. haven’t seen hunting party yet.

  3. geri

    July 2, 2008 at 2:56 am

    Ironman got good reviews. We will watch the DVD.


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