Is This A Joke?

06 May

“hi to all *****! this is the wife of mr.*****, the sister in law of the 2nd runner up of ms.****2006, i would like to announce that i am free to accept sidelines durings the working hours of my husband! i decided to post this message because he is so arrogant in taking care of his family, he cant send his son in a private school, he can not afford to feed his family, i am the one whose making decisions everytime we’re in trouble. i am willing to sell my body for the sake of my family and my husband is so busy thats why he cant do his obligation to me as his wife thats y i am looking for. anyway, before i post it i informed him and he let me to do this. thank you and you can see me anywhere else.”

The above text was copied verbatim from my hometown’s website’s guest book.  Is this flagrant solicitation or just the product of a ruthless mind who has plenty of time on her hands?  I have heard of solicitations, although I have not seen them by my own eyes, on Craigs list, but on a small Philippine town that is too small to have its own movie theatre?  Time sure has changed.
PS.  I hope this was all a joke, for everyone’s sake.
o0o  o0o  o0o  o0o
I will intermittently start posting entries from my journal.  This will probably save this blog from taking a break when I have nothing better to blog.  Well, I don’t have anything better to blog but I do it anyway.
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One response to “Is This A Joke?

  1. bw

    May 7, 2008 at 2:42 am

    Ooooppps .. Was there a photo in the website ? Ouch 😦 I do hope it’s a joke too !


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