What’s Your Definition?

28 Apr

When is an affair an affair and when is it not?  I am asking because after reading this news story, I think I may have been confused with what an affair really is.  In this news story, the lawyer for Roger Clemens, confirmed a decade-long affair between the ace pitcher and a country singer, but the relationship is not sexual.  Can it be called an affair without physical relationship involved?  So, what does that mean for Clemens’ wife?  No harm, no foul, darling is that what Clemens will tell his wife since no sex was involved?  I think we have not seen the last of this story.  I will keep an eye for any follow-up reports.

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Tonight, grumpy, bratty Dr. House returns to our households and the long wait is over for us fans.  What do I want to see in the coming shows:

  • More of Chase and Cameron.
  • Cuddy and House hooking up, finally.
  • Break-up for Wilson and “the bitch”.

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Two weeks ago, the rest of my “must-see tv” shows have returned, the residents of Seattle Grace are back, so are the the islanders from Oceanic 815.  The lively household of the Walkers are also making my Sunday nights fun, and the scheming women of Wiseria Lane are back to their old ways.  I have lost interest in the latter show, but I still can’t seem to tune out.  Boy, I am really a tv fanatic.

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One response to “What’s Your Definition?

  1. mamabigdog503

    May 6, 2008 at 7:10 am

    On the affair thing- if you’re emotionally involved in a romantic way with another person while in an allegedly monogamous relationship in which the other party does not consent to your romantic/emotional involvement, that constitutes an affair. It can happen without the sex, and can actually be more damaging to the relationship. It’s the lying that kills relationships- once the trust is gone, the respect goes soon after and then it’s just a matter of someone calling time of death on the relationship.

    My explanation is complicated because I’m reading a lot these days about this “polyamourous” trend happening on the east coast. This is different than swinging, which is about sex, while the polyamourous thing is about the emotional attachment. I don’t practice either, and remain in a committed monogamous relationship by choice. We don’t cheat or swing or give each other “permission” to date others. We’re just regular married folk- what those relationship-risk takers would call “vanilla”. To each his own.


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