Happy Earth Day

23 Apr


I have taken this picture some two weeks ago; it was over $4/gal then and it continues to climb.  San Francisco metro area is the first big city in the USA to reach the $4 mark; hence tourists are taking pictures of gas stations signs(I knew there was a reason I snapped this at that time, it just wasn’t clear then), according to our local news.  Imagine that, our pain is other people’s tourist attraction. 

This is what I call the pain that would not go away.  We should really stop relying on oil this much and continue to harness greener source.  Let’s do our share.



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One response to “Happy Earth Day

  1. bw

    April 23, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    Same here. It’s now $4.80 a gal here in Toronto 😯


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