What’s Up?

28 Mar

MY MOOD:  Been feeling the blues lately, I don’t know why.  There is no reason to be–the sky is blue and the weather is mild, the cherry and plum and crabapple trees are all showing off their magnificent blooms and yet, here I am just feeling the blues.  Not even the beautiful hyacinth and tulips in the backyard could lift my spirits.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not walking around dragging my big butt and sighing.  I really don’t know which button to push to get me back my old cheerful self.

MY WEEK:  The week that was–quite busy.  Like every year, I took the Good Friday off to take my mother to do visita iglesia.  Yeah, we follow the tradition still.  Three out of five churches we visited were open.  Next year, we’ll go much later to enter those two other churches that open late.  The difference this year is that my hubby also took the day off.  His vacation cap is almost full; he needed to take a day off.  We went to his service from 12-2:30, mostly meditative service.  Since we were in Berkeley and I was craving those yummy miniature carrots that I only see at Berkeley Bowl, we decided to stop by and pick up a few of the things we needed for our Easter dinner.  I seriously love this grocery store, yeah the price is a little higher than the regular chain grocery stores in the neighborhood, but the quality and variety of produce is amazing.  We had to make one more stop before going home, Costco.  Good thing we didn’t eat anything (apart from the cup of coffee and a low-fat cranberry oatmeal muffin which we shared) becasue there were tons of tasting stations.  That’s why I love going to Costco too.  That evening, we were both surfing the net.  And Sunday, we had a couple of friends over for dinner.  She brought a Bollywood movie.  She knew I love Bollywood movies.  So we had a foursome, dinner and a movie right in my living room.

MY TV SHOWS:  American Idol is getting interesting, Men In Trees continue to grab my undivided attention on Wednesdays, Lost is amazing and gets better each show. 


I was having a lousy day yesterday and I thought a change in lay out would lift my spirits.  I kinda like this, but I suppose I need to plug in my personal photo in the header, eh.

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