Six Pack

14 Mar


In January, I visited Bangladesh for the first time.  Here are the six highlights and six lowlights of my visit.


  1. People are extremely warm, generous, friendly, and hospitable.
  2. Food is surprisingly good considering I am more of a carnivorous, their heavy on veggies and very light on meat menu is very tasty.
  3. Their sweets are terrific.
  4. Old buildings and structures are magnificent (and pink).
  5. Shopping is enjoyable, it was 70 taka to 1 US$ when I was there.
  6. The slower pace of living bored me initially, but I could really get used to this again.


  1. The seemingly lack of traffic rule enforcement, to each his own out there.
  2. Traffic jams every where at any time.
  3. Pollution, you can see it.
  4. Difficulty in hailing a cab.  You don’t wanna rent a car, you’ll have a coronary just navigating the streets, believe me.
  5. Wearing orno is problematic/difficult. Orno is that scarf worn over the chest to conceal one’s boobies.  I could wear what’s in the photo minus the orno, thank you very much.
  6. Very few public restrooms.


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