Superbowl Sunday, down….

04 Feb

Super Tuesday to go.  So boys and girls did you like the outcome of the game yesterday?  Not interested in football at all, I went out to the grocery and started to eat my take out dinner of pollo colorado when I turned the tv on thinking the game must be over by now and House would soon come.  But no, I saw some exciting plays by both teams in the last few minutes of the game.  And yes, I was glad that the NY Giants won.  I root for the underdogs even when I don’t understand the game.

 Now to Super Tuesday….this one’s exciting too.  Regardless, it’s going to be a history-making choice…first black or first woman your choice.  I already sent in my absentee ballot so all I am doing now is waiting with fingers crossed.  Ok now that I have been sent an absentee ballot that meant I am a registered non-Independent, right.  Guess! 

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