Oceanic Six

01 Feb

Another term has entered our collective consciousness, Oceanic Six.  I love the way the writers cleverly coin terms that are catching. 

So, who are these Oceanic Six?  Bloggers are piping in their 2c worth.  We all know that Hurley, Jack, and Kate are three of them, now name the other three–the writers egg us.

Let me take a crack at it…..I vote for Sayid (or Sayeed?) simply because if there is one person in the island who knows survival that would be him. Next would be Sawyer, well I don’t want to break the love triangle of Jack-Kate-Sawyer now would I?  Besides, Kate mentioned “him” waiting for her, Sawyer I thought.  Now the third one is difficult.  Maybe Desmond?  No reasoning involved, pure guess work.  Let’s wait and see if my choices hit the mark.

Good job, LOST writers, twas a very good season starter.   

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