Am back!

31 Jan

Three weeks away from home and what have I found out with myself?  That I am indeed a creature of habit and my daily routine was what I miss most, next to family of course.  I was feeling off kilter until I got back to my routine.  So here’s the daily routine I missed the most:

  • Wake up @ 7 am.
  • Hit the road @ 8, 8:10 at the latest, else I will not make it to my work on time.
  • Eat breakfast at work while I check my voice messages and emails.
  • Work, break for lunch @1 pm.
  • Have my second cup of coffee @ 2 pm.
  • Leave work @ 5:30 and run into traffic.
  • Be at home by 6:30, fix dinner (usually reheating as we prepare all meals for the week on the weekends, less work), eat around 7 pm while listening/one eye watching Jeopardy.
  • Watch a lot of tv while doing something else like washing the dishes, doing the laundry, exercising (I could use more of this), blogging. 
  • By 11 pm watch the news and stay up late enough to catch Letterman’s monologue about those lame rats, squirrels, Bush.

Well, I will be posting about my three-week adventure to South Asia and Southeast Asia soon. 

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