Rainy Beginnings

06 Jan

Around here rain had been in short supply.  But the new year has brought us some relief.  Three storms in a span of three days.  The second one came Friday.  The winds were howling outside my window early in the day as I planned to go to work.  Decided against it as the winds were really gusting and the rain was coming down.  I am still recovering from whatever I had last week…..fever and vomitting.

I stayed home thinking what a good day I would have, rain outside and me inside with either the computer part of the time and the tv the other part.  But the strong winds must have knocked out some power lines somewhere that the power went off @ 11 am.   A couple of hours later, the phone line followed.  Thank heavens for cell phone.  With the power out, my main concern always is my fishes.  Especially my angel fish who couldn’t survive in water below 70.  Without power, no heater.  My husband who I kept calling at work assured me they would all be alright without heater or filter or air pump for at least five hours.  By 2 pm, I noticed that the angel fish was going sideways and belly up.  I frantically called hubby on the phone and he instructed me to add some medication to the water.  I did.  By 3 pm, hubby was at  home and we transferrred the angel fish to a pail with warm water – he began to swin right side up – and the other fishes still in the aquarium were showing signs of getting sick.  So, what should I do?  I blew air via a small tube into the water.  Yeah, I did.  I could not believe I did that, but one should do whatever necessary to save his/her pet.  As I was blowing into the tube, I was thinking how a dog doesnt really get affected by the outage, and I looked over my birds and they were fine.  Thankfully, by 5 pm our power was restored and not long after the phone line was back up, so was internet.  

The fishes were all fine and I learned how difficult it is to blow on a very small tube for about two hours,  taking short breaks.

Still raining but not as hard as Friday.  Forecast calls for more until Sunday am then some more next week.  We need it here, but with rain comes so do mudslides. 


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2 responses to “Rainy Beginnings

  1. mamabigdog503

    January 8, 2008 at 6:16 am

    Hey, I blogrolled you too… seems we have a few things in common. I’m from SF (East Bay) originally. I was thrilled that Micheal Symon won Iron Chef, and I live with rain all the time. We get hazard pay for it up here. We didn’t brine our thanksgiving turkey either this year, after doing it for years before, and it came out just fine.

    Anyway, can’t say I share your love of prepping the holiday cards. Not my thing. Tried the fish thing a few times, didn’t work out for us.

    Sorry you’ve been feeling so crappy lately- hope it gets better soon.



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