Am blogging again.

09 Oct

I had a whole page and half of posting and somehow I lost it.  Pity.  I should learn how to save after every paragraph.   Anyway, let me try to replicate what I wrote and lost.


The Korean drama that I spoke about in the previous post is no longer running. It ended not long after I posted about it.  I also learned that the name of that show was OVER THE RAINBOW.  Checked online for dvd set (everything is on dvd set nowadays) but it costs around 70 big ones, money I am not willing to cough up any time soon.


The stage is set for NLCS and ALCS with an all-western division cast for the former and the Indians vs the Red Sox in the latter.  TV ratings and revenues aside, I am wishing for a Rockies-Indians finale.  The underdog series.


Was that really Sara Tancredi’s head on the box?  Did they kill her off?  Say it isn’t so, please.


A tv addict, I am; a reality show fan, I am not.  Outside of American Idol (which I dont consider reality show, but a talent/game show), I shy as far away as possible from any reality show.  But the debut of SEARCH FOR A NEW IRON CHEF is so riveting and so different and interesting that I may rethink about my aversion to reality shows.  The reason why we tuned in to this show was Traci de Jardins (one of SF’s greats), but in the end she was the first to go.  The show was very intense and entertaining. 


In a few days, the wacky, quirky residents of Elmo, Alaska will be back on the tube.  Finally, the very long wait is over.   I just found out that they film  in Squamish, BC.  We went on a road trip to Whistler and passed by Squamish.  I would have stopped by, had I known a few months ago. 

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