This Day In Giants History

19 Sep

September 18, 1997.  Ten years ago today, Brian Johnson endeared himself to a lot of Giants fans (including me) by hitting a home run in the 12th inning of the second game of a short series of two games with the Dodgers.  His heroic over-the-fencer proved to be the impetus for the Giants to bag that year’s NL crown.  Every year since, I kinda pause and remember BJ with fondness on this date.  Especially this year, with the Giants doing so poorly, a blast from the past is what we need. 

oOo  oOo  oOo  oOo  oOo  oOo

Well Prison Break’s back.  So, Michael has a lot on his hands this season; looks like it anyway.  Are they going to phase out Sara?  I hope not.  Her name’s not in the casting (or did I just miss it?) and I was freaking out.  I heard nothing to suggest that they are killing the Sara character.  Is Kellerman out of the show for good?  I hear he’s in Dr. Addison’s Private Practice.  I don’t think that show’s gonna pan out.

oOo  oOo  oOo  oOo  oOo

So, my regulars won some Emmy’s….Dr. Izzie, Nora Walker, and John Locke.  Hubby asked why his favorite show garnered no Emmy nominations (was asking the same thing about my PB).  Wanna know what’s his fave?  Yeah…it’s Nip/Tuck.  I know, I don’t get it either.

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